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Are you depressed?

  • If you experience at least five of these symptoms nearly every day you might be suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD):
    • Depressed mood
    • Disinterest in activities
    • Unplanned weight loss/gain
    • Extreme fatigue
    • Excessive or inappropriate guilt
    • Psychomotor agitation (difficulty being still)
    • Loss of focus
    • Oversleeping/low sleep quality
    • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide
  • Depression is a complex disease and some people are more susceptible than others. If you suffer from depression, one of these factors may be the reason:
    • Genetic (you have a close relative with depression)
    • Biochemical (chemicals in your brain may be out of balance)
    • Hormonal (child birth, menopause, etc.)
    • Seasonal (loss of daylight)
    • Situational (traumatic experiences)
  • The most common treatments for depression up until now are anti-depressant medications, talk therapy, and exercise. We will change this.

    Medications can cause side effects that are worse than the depression itself. Our treatment program is designed to avoid medication while still treating the physical and behavioral elements of the disease.

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Welcome to a revolutionary way of treating depression

headset and phone

This is an early design concept and not how the actual headset looks like.

Safe, affordable, private

Based on the latest research, we develop a scalable, medication-free, treatment solution that helps individuals address both the physical and behavioural elements of depression at their own pace, in the comfort of their home. It is safer than antidepressants and more affordable than talk therapy, but with comparable efficiency. The treatment consists of:

  • An easy-to-use medical grade headset for brain stimulation.
  • An smartphone app to help you change your daily routines and break the negative behavioural patterns that comes with depression.

100+ scientific studies have shown brain stimulation to be a safe and effective way to counter the brain activity imbalance found in people suffering from major depressive disorder (MDD).

Brain stimulation

Medication-free treatment

Our treatment program combines technology with simple behavior changes to transform the way we deal with clinical depression without any medication. We provide access to tDCS therapy — the latest breakthrough in brain stimulation technology. This treatment promotes increased activity in the left frontal lobe, an area associated with lowered activity in people suffering from depression.

Brain stimulation can help individuals get that extra push in energy that they need, but it’s also important to address the long-term behavioral patterns that people developed as a result of depression. By using our engaging, personalized mobile app, the users are guided through a six-week journey to healthier, happier living.

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Brain stimulation

New advances in transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) mean that this treatment is as effective and safer than most medication used against depression. tDCS has been researched for over 30 years, and it’s large benefits for treating depression have been proven scientifically through numerous studies.

Our comfortable tDCS headset delivers a gentle current to the forehead, reversing the activity imbalance in the frontal lobe that’s often observed in people with depression. Clinical trials have also shown that tDCS can be combined with antidepressants with positive results.

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Proven science

Behavioral activation

Train your brain to kick negative behaviors. Through the mobile app, the users is challenged to adopt healthy new behaviours to lessen the effects of their depression. The app is responsive to the individual’s progress and suggests daily activities custom-tailored to your healing process.

Examples of activities include:

  • Call your best friend and ask how his/her day was
  • Take a 5-minute walk

  • Reflect on negative behavior through guided analysis
  • Eat 3 regular meals each day
  • Perform a mindfullness exercise

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