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Are you looking for a better
depression treatment?

Medication-free. Delivered to your home.

In proud collaboration with

Always consult a health care professional before use.

Are you looking for a better depression treatment?

Medication-free. Delivered to your home.

In proud collaboration with

Always consult a health care professional before use.


feel better after only 3 weeks


would strongly recommend

“It’s really helping against my depression and I am more at ease and more able to think clearly.”

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Brain stimulation and behaviour therapy

What is the Flow depression treatment?

To maximize your chances of recovering from depression, the Flow depression treatment combines several evidence-based methods to reduce your symptoms.

There are many treatments for depression, but there is not ONE treatment that works for everyone. That’s why the Flow team recommends a combination of brain stimulation, delivered through the Flow headset, and psychological treatment that you’ll find in the Flow app.

Yes, if you:

  • Suffer from depression (regardless of whether this is the first time or the hundreth)

  • Want your depression treatment to be solely based on scientific facts

  • Want to treat your depression in the comfort of your own home

  • Are looking for a safe depression treatment without the uncomfortable side effects that usually come with medication

  • Want to boost the results from your current medical treatment (combining antidepressants and Flow makes the medication more effective)

  • Want to learn new strategies for how to reduce depressive symptoms at home (at your own pace)

  • Are over 18 years of age

Feel better within a few weeks

What can you expect from using Flow?

Within a few weeks, the Flow treatment improves your mood, concentration, optimism and initiative, while reducing anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Brain stimulation

Activate your brain

How does the depression treatment work?

Brain images of depressed patients show that depression is associated with lowered activity in an area in the front of the brain, called the DLPFC. When the activity in the DLPFC is unbalanced, it can lead to appetite changes, sleep disturbance and low mood. As you probably know, those are common symptoms of depression.

The technique used in the Flow headset, transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), restores brain activity in the DLPFC and decreases your depressive symptoms. Most users notice an improvement after only 3 weeks.

tDCS headset at home
brain stimulation treatment
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When is Flow available in your country?

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The Flow depression app will help you understand, treat and prevent depression

The Flow app is solely based on psychological research and neuroscience. The app uses a method called behaviour therapy to help you engage in antidepressant activities that significantly reduce symptoms of depression. Your virtual therapist guides you through more than 50 therapy sessions and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to improve sleep, diet, exercise and meditation.

App store rating: 4.6

“Great app that is science based and an amazing, simple, device to use that really helps. I loved the experience of using both!”

Would you like to participate in a clinical trial using Flow?

If you are based in England, Wales or Texas and have moderate to severe depression you might be eligible to join a clinical trial using the Flow tDCS headset and contribute to improving the future of depression treatment.

Every day, Flow is empowering mental health

Our mission is to help people by creating revolutionary tools for everyday use. Our users are our reason. These are their stories.

Reviews from our users

Every day, Flow users report progress and appreciation. We’d love to help you achieve the same results

Your Flow. Your Way.

81% of people experience a mood increase within just 3 weeks.

Because of its unique safety system and user friendly design, the Flow tDCS device offers you hassle free stimulation sessions in the comfort of your own home. The Flow headset is bluetooth controlled, portable and well-trusted by tDCS experts.

Rent a Flow device and get our monthly service or buy one today.

Scientific evidence

The Flow treatment is based on decades of clinical research and backed by more than 20 placebo-controlled trials, all published in peer-reviewed journals.

tDCS for depression is definitely effective (level A evidence)
An analysis of 23 clinical trials with 1092 patients, showing that tDCS is superior to placebo/sham
No serious adverse events were found across 33,200 tDCS sessions with 1000 users
Study including 245 patients, comparing tDCS with a common antidepressant

What do the experts say?

Clinics are using Flow

Do you have questions about depression or the need to find out if you have a diagnosis? Reach out to one of our partner clinics. They’ll let you know if the Flow treatment is suitable for you.

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When is Flow available in your country?

One of the most common questions we get is “When is Flow available in my country?”. People who suffer from depression reach out to us from every corner of the world, wanting to try this new treatment. Don’t worry. We’re working day and night to make the Flow treatment available all over the globe. We understand that the world needs it.

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Flow is currently available in these countries

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Depression guide

Looking for tips and tricks for how to deal with depression?

Our aim is to spread knowledge and awareness about depression. In the Depression guide we’ve collected our best evidence-based advice on various topics, all related to dealing with depression. Please enjoy the latest articles or have a look at the entire archive.

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