The Flow Depression App

The Depression app

Flow will help you understand, treat and prevent depression

The Flow – Depression app is solely based on psychological research and neuroscience. Integrating technology and behaviour therapy, it represents a new chapter in the understanding and treatment of depression.

App store rating: 4.6

What is the Flow depression app?

The Flow depression app has two important functions:

  1. The app includes a full treatment programme for depression, based on Behaviour Therapy
  2. and it is used to control the Flow tDCS device

There are several evidence based treatments for depression, but there is not ONE  treatment that works for everyone. That’s why the team at Flow Neuroscience recommends a combination of brain stimulation, delivered through the Flow headset, and regular psychological treatment that you’ll find in the Flow depression app. If you’re not interested in brain stimulation, you can use the app without the Flow headset. 

The app is free to download and you can access the full treatment programme without the Flow headset

Treating depression with the Flow depression app

The Flow depression app includes over 50 virtual therapy sessions, developed by licensed psychologists. The app content is updated quarterly to make sure the techniques and theory are consistent with the latest psychological research. Your virtual therapist, Flow, will guide you through the treatment programme, help you schedule upcoming sessions, give you homework assignments and track your symptoms throughout the treatment. Best of all, the depression app, including the full treatment programme, is free to download.

This video will give you more information about the psychological treatment programme in the Flow depression app:

Download for iOS or Android:

Antidepressant behaviours. The Flow depression app uses a method called behaviour therapy to help you engage in antidepressant activities that significantly reduce symptoms of depression. The fact is, there are many things you can do at home to improve depressive symptoms. These four lifestyle factors can help you recover from depression and are thoroughly reviewed in the treatment programme:


Did you know that a good night’s sleep will help you handle strong emotions, literally giving you the opportunity to sleep your troubles away? Flow gives you the most well-researched strategies for improving sleeping habits and reducing depressive symptoms.


Flow will give you the exact recipe for an antidepressant diet. The app shows you how to eat in a way that reduces inflammation in the brain, thereby alleviating depressive symptoms. Spoiler alert: sugar is one of the big villains.


Regular, physical exercise has been proven to be as effective as antidepressant medication for reducing and preventing depressive symptoms. Flow will tell you how much exercise is enough to overcome depression and encourage you to keep to your exercise routine.


Meditation can be thought of as “exercise” for your mind. Regular meditation will help you detect early signs of depression, handle strong emotions and stop negative thought spirals at an early stage. Flow will show beginners how to practice mindfulness a few minutes every day and explain why it’s so beneficial for the brain.


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