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The next wave for Flow,
meet our new CEO

Erin finds her Flow….

Today, we are excited to announce that Erin Lee has joined as the new CEO.

In the fight to radically change how we treat and manage mental illness, former VP of Global Operations from Babylon Health, Erin, brings exceptional experience in building world-class teams and a vision to better understand the brain to develop targeted treatments that truly work.

…and learns about the delights of Fika

US-born and residing in London, we sit down with our new CEO in our HQ in Malmö to chat and of course, enjoy the Swedish delight of the coffee and cake break.

What made you interested in Flow?

“Flow is one of the few companies that I saw taking a different approach to tackling the mental health epidemic. Rather than optimising around the edges, the Flow product and platform aims to fundamentally transform how we treat depression. The product itself was really cutting edge and, bluntly, pretty cool. Flow’s focus on remission and providing consumers with a solution that addresses the biological and behavioural aspects of depression via innovative technology was unique.

I also loved Flow’s global approach- one of the biggest learnings at Babylon was how much healthcare can and should be global. Patients have similar care needs around the world- we should be leaning into similarities, learning from best in class care regardless of country so that we can accelerate a higher standard of care for everyone. Daniel and Erik had also clearly built an incredibly talented team that I believe is unmatched in their ability to tackle the epidemic and win. Flow was something I couldn’t wait to be a part of. We know there is so much more to learn when it comes to how the brain works and the causes of depression- both biological and situational. To create treatments that are targeted and effective, we need to push the boundaries of research and challenge our own understanding of the brain. The more we know, the more effective we can be in treating the exact area that is impacted for each individual dealing with a mental illness for maximum impact.


I was drawn to Daniel and Erik’s recognition and respect for how individuals experience depression differently. We talk a lot about there being no one size fits all approach to treatment, and it was inspiring to see a team with a commitment to offering care in a more personalized way. Too many people are left behind by traditional treatments and standard care plans. Clinicians and patients alike can be overwhelmed by information- seas of studies, different treatment options and promises. The quantity of data and research is overwhelming and can make it difficult to identify which treatments are best suited for a particular patient.  Pharmaceuticals are not the only option, and for many they may not even be the most effective and yet they are still the default. At Flow, we’re working to empower people with the right, scientifically validated information so they can choose and self-manage the treatment routines that work best for them without sacrificing effectiveness.

Finally, I believe Flow offers a scalable way to address the challenges of access. Traditional therapy is incredibly resource-constrained. There simply aren’t enough therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists to serve the needs of everyone with mental health challenges. Furthermore, there is often a huge disparity in access across rural and urban populations, across different races and ethnicities and, in the US, much is determined by your insurance coverage which means the people in greatest need often don’t get the help they so badly need. Flow is working to be part of the healthcare ecosystem working with patients and clinicians to provide a solution that helps alleviate the burden on the sector by finding new ways to deliver treatment. We really believe that the Flow platform can provide in-clinic results at home through remote hardware and a digital platform helping to support those who need it.  That’s pretty transformational in my book.

Committed to transforming treatment…

Erin’s move to Flow was one also borne out of personal care and experience with the effects of mental illness:

“I’m committed to bringing the world-class customer experiences that I’ve seen delivered in some of the best technology companies into the healthcare space. There are few things in life that are more precious than our health and yet the experience for the average patient today is stressful, rushed, and confusing. 

In too many cases you spend more time navigating confusing referrals or pre-authorisations, filling out forms and being passed between departments instead of receiving the care that you need. That has to change, too many people are falling through the cracks and they deserve better. 

I’m particularly passionate about driving a better understanding of comorbidities in mental health- particularly related to anxiety/depression and addiction. I’m interested in finding ways to complement existing treatments for addiction and depression in novel ways. Current solutions are woefully inadequate and focus primarily on drug-based and/or inpatient treatments which often lack data on outcomes and are so expensive that they’re out of reach for many. Given the devastation addiction can have on individuals, families and communities, that’s simply not good enough.

…in the global fight against the mental health epidemic

The mental health crisis continues to grow year over year, with the pandemic exacerbating an already accelerating trend.  Flow is, and always will be, committed to creating a radical change to bring scientifically-backed solutions and hope to the many suffering from depression around the world. With Erin completing the strong executive trio alongside our two co-founders, Daniel and Erik, Flow’s ability to deliver on our mission is now unstoppable.

Complete at-home depression treatment​

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