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Keep up to date on the latest features from the Flow headset and application – with comprehensive “How-To’s” giving you the best understanding of how the treatment can work for you and first-hand news on all the latest product updates.

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Rent-a-Flow | There for you, Anytime.

As Flow has been helping patients across the world see improvements in their depressive symptoms, we wanted to make using Flow as your treatment even more accessible. We launched Rent-a-Flow to give you service at your fingertips, with the choice to now rent a Flow headset, trial it out for a monthly fee and receive top care from our team.

With all treatment plans, we know it is important to find the right balance for your life and type of depression. We want to empower your decision to use Flow as part of your plan by giving a flexible service and payment option. Offering you the chance to get the Flow treatment without commitment, with the options to continue as long as you’d like, return or restart Flow at any time.

Handling all the logistics, providing free returns at any time and the chance to try out stimulation: Rent-a-Flow is your treatment, your way.

Sounds great! How does it work?

For £39 per month (+ £49 starter pack fee) you get the Flow headset sent via express delivery directly to your door and the first initial supply of headset pads which covers 6 weeks of treatment. As part of our commitment to you, the monthly service includes unlimited care support and an ongoing supply of pads, so you can sit back, enjoy your treatment and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Alongside your new Rent-a-Flow, you’ll follow the behavioural therapy app to track your progress, create new routines and chat with Flow – simply download this for free from the Google Play or App Store. 

With ultimate flexibility you can choose to end your rental period at any time or if you’d like to continue treatment you can buy the headset after 6 months of your rental period. If you haven’t used the headset within 2 weeks of delivery you may get a full refund for your rental costs.


Flow with Flexibility | Picture-in-Picture Update

If you’re a regular Flow-er, then you’ll know the benefits of having 30 minutes dedicated to stimulating where you follow through the app. In the fast-paced environment of life that we are accustomed to, many users experience the benefits of meditative states by focusing solely on their Flow session. However, as with any treatment plan for your depression, flexibility is key and so we’re happy  to announce the launch of our latest feature based on Android’s support for displaying a so-called picture-in-picture.
Although fully engaging with the virtual therapy gives the best treatment results, this feature empowers your stimulation session by giving freedom to answer that urgent text, change music or use your favorite meditation app to fill out the 30 minutes of stimulation. Increasing convenience, your Flow session will simply shrink to a thumbnail view whilst you check out the weather for the day, then when you’re ready you can go straight back to full screen. If you need to pause the stimulation you can do it directly from the thumbnail.

That’s great! Want to try it out?

Download the latest version of Flow (2.9.0) from the Google Play store and experience ultimate flexibility.

Whether you keep your stimulation sessions as a slice of time where you can stop and decompress, or if you need to finish that task whilst stimulating – the choice is now yours!

When will this be available for iOS?

We believe that it is important to always have a quick way to pause the stimulation in case you need to, and unfortunately iOS is much more limited. With the new picture-in-picture feature in iOS 14 is limited to only displaying video, so this feature isn’t currently available. However, we are constantly on the lookout to find a way to deliver a similar feature to iOS users.
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