Need help with depression?

Flow Neuroscience offers a medication-free, medically approved treatment, designed to be used in the comfort of your own home.

Flow helps you deal with depression at home

There are several evidence based treatments for depression, but there is not ONE treatment that works for everyone. That’s why the team at Flow Neuroscience recommends a treatment solution combining both technology and psychology to maximize your chances of recovering from depression. The medication-free, at-home treatment includes two main features, described below.

To deal with depression - try brain stimulation

The Flow depression treatment includes the first portable brain stimulation headset, medically approved for home use in the UK and EU. The headset has a unique safety system and uses a technique called tDCS, which significantly decreases symptoms of depression. In the largest tDCS study to date, 24% of patients completely overcame their depression, while 41% found that at least half of their symptoms disappeared after six weeks using this technique. Read more about the Flow tDCS device.

Could an app help you with depression?

The second part of the Flow depression treatment is a complete psychological treatment programme with over 50 therapy sessions, delivered through an app. It’s developed by licensed psychologists, based on the latest research on depression and includes step-by-step instructions on how to make lifestyle changes that significantly improve depressive symptoms. Read more about the Flow depression app.

If you need help with depression, prefer to treat your symptoms at home and would like to start right away, Flow could be the simple solution you’re looking for.

Woman wearing Flow headset
Complete at-home depression treatment​
Medication free. Delivered to your doorstep.

Free trial

Try Flow for free, payment will be taken 30 days after the order date.

Treatment pads

You will receive automatic deliveries of your treatment pads directly to your door as part of the subscription service.

Buy device

You can buy your Flow device after 6 months of your subscription. When you are eligible, you can email us at to purchase the headset for half of the full price.  

End subscription

You can end your subscription at any time and return your headset by following the return request here. There will be no refunds on subscriptions already paid. Once the request is submitted no further subscription payments will be taken.