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Your patients are always looking for better solutions to treat their depression.

Flow is a CE-certified depression solution, combining a brain stimulation headset & app-based behaviour therapy.


Here is how you can work with us

Request a demo
Test out the Flow solution in your practice straight away. Get a special HCP discount offer for the demo
Work as a clinician node

Flow will refer to you patients interested in Flow or using Flow in your area. Our Flow team will provide relevant training and support to help those patients. No financial commitment – just the commitment to help the patients coming your way. 

Refer patients to a clinical trial

Your patients can access Flow via a 6-wk clinical trial (currently limited to the UK). Trials are run remotely and provide an opportunity for your patients to try at no cost and under close supervision.  

Expert Spotlight Series

Our expert spotlight series will feature your unique mental health innovation story. You can voice record and share your answers to our questions. Flow team will create content to share with our patient community, as well as your patients (at no cost).

Flow can help you with specific types of patients

does not want to take antidepressants
Does not want to see doctor regularly
On medication for years & wants to reduce dosage
Wants to continue brain stimulation regularly
(instead of ECT / TMS)

Flow in 2020


recovered from depression

(remission rate based on MADRS-s report)

felt more focus


felt more resilient


felt more joy for life

The Flow treatment is based on decades of clinical research and backed by more than 20 placebo-controlled trials, all published in peer-reviewed journals.

tDCS is comparable to antidepressants and TMS in treating depression
An analysis of 23 clinical trials with 1092 patients, showing that tDCS is superior to placebo/sham
No serious adverse events were found across 33,200 tDCS sessions with 1000 users

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Improve quality of service

Flow will help diversify your offerings in your practice

Acquire a broader patient base

Flow will attract patients who seek innovative & remote care

Free up capacity & increase efficiency

Flow requires less routine check-ins than medication

Provide patients with affordable care

Your patients receive a special discount to bring Flow home

Delayed Delivery

Flow has been helping so many people with their depression, at a rate we are trying to keep up with. Therefore, it might take us longer than usual to get your Flow to you.
Expect delays of up to 1-2 weeks
(Please note, your 30-day free trial won’t start until your device has been shipped)
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Try Flow for free, payment will be taken 30 days after the shipment date.

Buy device

You can buy your Flow device after 6 months of your subscription. When you are eligible, you can email us at to purchase the headset for half of the full price.  

End subscription

You can end your subscription at any time and return your headset by following the return request here. There will be no refunds on subscriptions already paid. Once the request is submitted no further subscription payments will be taken.