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Patient Platform FAQ

Please find the top asked questions regarding the Patient Platform below. For FAQs focused on the Flow user and how to use the headset and app can be found here.

MADRS-s is a self-reported depression test with nine items: Mood, feelings of unease, sleep, appetite, ability to concentrate, initiative, emotional involvement, pessimism, and zest for life. Flow users take this test on a weekly basis. All changes are calculated based on the first MADRs-s test result.

The overall score ranges from 0 to 54 points:

  • 0-12 – normal /symptom absent
  • 13 to 19 – mild depression
  • 20 to 34 – moderate depression
  • 34 – severe depression.

The patient will receive an email to the email address you added, asking them to either download the Flow app or open the app if they already have an account. Once they signed up or opened the app, they will be asked to connect to your clinic. If they do not connect, they can later change this via the “Connect to your clinic” section in their profile.

To remove a patient, go to the patient profile. In the section “Treatment status” you can remove their account. All information about the patient will be removed from your platform account. You can also disable it if you only want to pause it and still want to keep access to their profile.

You’ll only be able to see their information once they have connected their account to your clinic. They will receive an email and a notification asking them to connect. They can also go to the “Connect to your clinic” section in their profile. If the patient hasn’t received an email or notification, check that their account is using the same email address that you used to add the patient.

Once you add them to your platform and they confirm the connection you can access their past treatment data.

A user with an admin role has additional functionalities, such as adding and removing fellow clinicians.

A standard schedule is 5 sessions for 3 weeks, followed by 2 sessions per week. Missed stimulations are added to future weeks.

Missed stimulations are added to future weeks. This is why a patient might have more than 2 sessions after week 3.

At present that’s not possible. Please get in touch with Flow Neuroscience via if you’re interested in that option.

If you reset the patient’s stimulation schedule, they will receive the initial stimulation schedule of 5 sessions for 3 weeks, followed by 2 sessions per week. You will still have access to all previously collected information about the patient’s treatment.

Yes, it is no problem to have multiple clinic accounts.

Data is stored in data centers within the European Union. For technical reasons, subcontractors may need to move information to other countries outside of the EU. If this happens, appropriate protection measures and standardized data protection measures approved by the EU Commission are used.

The servers where data is stored are hosted by Amazon Web Services and physically located within the EU. The hosting provider managing our servers has the following security certifications to ensure that your data stays safe:

  • ISO 27001, 27017, 27018: Security Management Controls, Cloud Specific Controls, Personal Data Protection
  • SOC 1, 2, 3: Security, Availability & Confidentiality Reports

  • All communication between our websites, servers and apps are encrypted with industry standard techniques (HTTPS)
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Patient identity data is hidden by default (only initials are shown)

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