What is the best depression app?

Here’s why the Flow depression app is the best of its kind:

  • The Flow app uses a method called behaviour therapy to help you engage in antidepressant activities that significantly reduce symptoms of depression. 
  • It includes over 50 virtual therapy sessions, developed by licensed psychologists.
  • It’s based on the latest research on depression. 
  • Your virtual therapist, Flow, will guide you through the treatment programme, help you schedule upcoming sessions, give you homework assignments and track your symptoms throughout the treatment. 
  • The depression app, including the full treatment programme, is free to download here.

Said about the Flow depression app:

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Free trial

Try Flow for free, payment will be taken 30 days after the order date.

Treatment pads

You will receive automatic deliveries of your treatment pads directly to your door as part of the subscription service.

Buy device

You can buy your Flow device after 6 months of your subscription. When you are eligible, you can email us at support@flowneuroscience.com to purchase the headset for half of the full price.  

End subscription

You can end your subscription at any time and return your headset by following the return request here. There will be no refunds on subscriptions already paid. Once the request is submitted no further subscription payments will be taken.