Is there a natural treatment for depression?

Yes, there are several natural treatments for depression. Making a few lifestyle changes can help you to significantly decrease your depressive symptoms and even recover completely. The following list includes four well-researched, natural treatments for depression:

  1. Regular exercise is as effective for treating depressive symptoms as antidepressant medication or psychotherapy. It’s also the only depression treatment that has an immediate effect on your brain. You need 30-40 minutes of exercise, 3-4 times a week to recover. Read more about All you need to know about exercise and depression – how to build a treatment routine that lasts. 
  2. Improved sleep hygiene can significantly reduce your depressive symptoms. Good quality sleep will help you regulate emotions and improve your concentration. Read more about how to improve your sleep in All you need to know about depression and sleep – the most effective sleep strategies for improving depression. 
  3. Changing your diet can help you recover from depression. The traditional Mediterranean diet has well-documented antidepressant effects. It includes lots of green leaves and vegetables, fat fish, whole grain and fruit. Read more in An easily digested guide to diet and depression.
  4. Regular mindfulness meditation acts as relapse prevention for depression – it helps you stay out of depression once you recover. Regular mindfulness meditation will help you manage strong emotions and negative thoughts. Read more about How to use mindfulness for depression in 5 simple steps and Top 3 beginner meditations for depression.

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