Can you treat depression without medication?

There are many ways to treat depression and decrease depressive symptoms at home, without medication, including:

  1. Physical activity or exercise (as effective as antidepressants). 
    Read more: All you need to know about exercise and depression
  2. An antidepressant diet. 
    Read more: An easily digested guide to diet and depression
  3. Practicing mindfulness. 
    Read more: How to use mindfulness for depression in 5 simple steps – Quick guide to medication-free mindfulness treatment
  4. Practicing meditation on a regular basis. 
    Read more: Top 3 beginner meditations for depression – A psychologist’s guide on how to use meditation for depression
  5. Getting better sleep quality. 
    Read about the best sleep tools here: All you need to know about depression and sleep – The most effective sleep strategies for improving depression
  6. Stop smoking (this is actually as effective as taking antidepressants). 
    Contact the NHS stop smoking services.
  7. Drink carefully. Visit the NHS Alcohol Support.
  8. Gardening (preferably together with other people)
  9. Spending time with animals. 
  10. Connecting with friends and family.
  11. Showing kindness and giving to others.

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