Flow headset rental – 6 months purchase


Purchase your device after you have rented it for 6 months.

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    • Purchase the Flow headset after your 6-month rental period
    • Full ownership of your device with a one-off payment
    • Keep your current device, recurring monthly payments and pad delivery will stop
    • Treat your depression at home at your own pace
    • Maintain your recovery for as long as you want with full flexibility

Please contact support and request to buy your device before making this purchase. Also, make sure to use the same email address for this order as for your subscription.

Free trial

Try Flow for free, payment will be taken 30 days after the order date.

Treatment pads

You will receive automatic deliveries of your treatment pads directly to your door as part of the subscription service.

Buy device

You can buy your Flow device after 6 months of your subscription. When you are eligible, you can email us at support@flowneuroscience.com to purchase the headset for half of the full price.  

End subscription

You can end your subscription at any time and return your headset by following the return request here. There will be no refunds on subscriptions already paid. Once the request is submitted no further subscription payments will be taken.

Return policy

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase of a headset from flowneuroscience.com, whatever the reason, you can request a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase. We even cover the return shipping cost from the countries that Flow is currently available in. To request a refund please see here. 

Why do I need to consult a healthcare professional before using Flow?

Using Flow poses minimal risk of injury. Even so, it is recommended that you consider multiple treatment options. If symptoms worsen, make sure to contact a healthcare professional.

We recommend always having ongoing contact with a healthcare professional if you suffer from depression.

You do not need a prescription to buy and use Flow.