Behavioral activation

The Missing Link for Depression Treatment
Your treatment plan needs to address more than the physical elements of depression; it must interrupt the behavior patterns that keep you in an unrelenting cycle of depressed living.

This is why, in addition to using tDCS technology, the users complete a highly-engaging, motivating challenge course via the app. This process helps them activate new and healthy behavior patterns, contributing to increased mood over time.

How It Works
Behavior therapy, a common treatment method practiced by psychologists worldwide, works by helping individuals establish new behavior patterns that can be practiced and reinforced through everyday activities. The app gently guides users through behavior changes they can implement in small steps, as simple as taking a walk after dinner or going to bed an hour earlier than usual. Challenges are backed by scientifically-proven strategies for interrupting negative behavior patterns.

Research has shown that behavioral changes alone can be highly effective in reducing symptoms of depression.

While tasks will gradually increase in difficulty over time, the app takes into account previous performance and custom adjusts challenges in a productive way. You remain in control at all times through choices and opportunities for input presented to you as you complete your treatment.

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