General questions

Flow will be sold to the UK and Sweden during the first part of 2019, with other countries in Europe to follow. If you have specific question about which country we could deliver to, please email us at info@flowneuroscience.com

The price in each country will be listed on our homepage as soon as Flow is available to buy.

Flow will be a certified medical device, and will not require a prescription. However, Flow is designed to treat mild to moderate depression, so it is important that you first see a healthcare professional before buying Flow to get a diagnosis.

We recommend always having an ongoing contact with a healthcare professional if you suffer from depression.

We don’t recommend usage of the Flow headset for persons under the the age of 18 years. In case you would like to try it anyway, always discuss with your physician first.

Safety and efficacy

At the moment, tDCS should not be used as a treatment for bipolar depression. Research is currently underway in this area, so watch the space.

Flow is a not a diagnostic tool. The questionnaire within the app will indicate how you are progressing on a weekly basis, but this alone should not be used as a diagnosis. For a diagnosis, see a doctor (in Sweden you can reach out to Kry and in the UK, Babylon)

Yes, you can. Should your tinnitus worsen in any way, stop Flow treatment and speak with your doctor.

Please see our Clinical evidence page and contact your doctor if you are unsure.

Flow is a treatment for major depressive disorder and should be used for that purpose only.

You can use Flow if you are diagnosed with major depressive disorder. At the moment, there is not sufficient evidence to show that tDCS works for people with so called “burnout symptoms”.

Use related questions

There is evidence to suggest that some medications (such as benzodiazepines) decrease the effect of tDCS. Please speak with your doctor before making any sort of changes to your medication.

Yes, you can use Flow while on antidepressants. Please speak with your doctor should you experience any worsening of symptoms.

Flow is a medical device to treat unipolar depression (MDD). It should not be used unless you are actually suffering from depression.

Yes, Flow can be used during treatment, or as part of your regular cognitive behavioural therapy. A study of patients using tDCS in combination with group therapy is currently underway, and the results are expected to be published in 2020.

The experience of using Flow varies from person to person. Some will find it a comfortable experience and won’t feel anything at all. Some will experience an itch, irritation or a heat sensation on the forehead directly underneath the electrodes. Typically, the sensation varies during each session. A number of factors will affect how you respond to Flow e.g., you may feel a stronger sensation if you have very sensitive skin or haven’t slept properly.

Flow is a treatment for mild to moderate depression only. The treatment lasts for 6 weeks and, typically, the effects are seen within 3 weeks. The treatment is highly individual. This means that the time to experience any effect could range from a couple of days to 4-5 weeks.

Flow is a 6-week treatment programme. During this time, users undergo 18 sessions. Each session lasts for 30 minutes.

This type of brain stimulation technique has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression in a similar way to anti-depressant medication. Around 40% of people using the treatment get a 50% (or more) reduction in their depression. The effect is usually shown after 4-5 weeks, but, for some people, can happen a lot sooner.

No, the app is needed to control the headset.

The headset and app work together. We recommend that you pay attention to the app while using the headset as it will teach you about depression, its causes and how you can affect it.

We do not recommend using the headset if you have a fever.

No, you should not use Flow while operating any vehicles. See our Instructions for Use for more information.

No, we recommend that you sit comfortably in a chair or sofa while using Flow. You can move around but try to avoid any physical exercise during the session e.g. running. See our Instructions for Use for more information.

You can send the headset back to us within 30-days as long as it is undamaged, to get a refund. Please contact support@flowneuroscience.com go get instructions.